NEW - currency hedged ETFs

Gain exposure to global potential through a choice of up to 21 international equity exchange traded funds (ETFs), including iShares two new currency hedged ETFs.

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Diversified Model Portfolios

iShares ETFs offer low cost, simple solutions for controlling the core of your portfolio.

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> Professional quality
> Individual choice
> Responsible innovation

iShares innovations provide investors with efficient, transparent market exposures.

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iShares fixed income ETFs

It’s time to think about Australian fixed income in a whole new way. Now available on the ASX:

> iShares Composite Bond ETF (IAF)
> iShares Treasury ETF (IGB)
> iShares Government Inflation ETF (ILB)

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  • Professional quality iShares delivers quality products that can help you navigate today’s volatile markets
  • Individual choice as your partner, iShares helps you execute investment ideas with insights and support
  • Responsible innovation iShares is an industry leader in making investing clear, fair, and efficient for you

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Learn how international markets can be accessed with iShares ETFs.

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